The three conjugations

When dealing with French verbs list, a majority of the verbs are normally the regular ones, that is, they tend to follow rules which are predictable. That makes the regular verbs to be a place that is logical to start.
The French verbs which are regular are normally divided in three group with the group where they belong being determined by the infinitive at the end which is the equivalent of the to in the English as in – to look.
The three endings refer to; er, ir, and re. Of the three, majority of the verbs are the ones which belong to the group of –er, and any verb which is new in the French gets attributed automatically to this group.
In English, the only change which tend to appear with the it/he/she in the third person singular is where you are to add an s like he looks, she looks and it looks. But when it comes to French, it becomes hard to learn the language but if you are an English speaker, to learn French tends to be relatively easier.
But that doesn’t mean that you are not going to have challenges and for most people, there is a need for mastering the conjugation for the french verbs list. The French verb conjugations are known to be something that you are going to have tackling if you require to start learning the language, but as long as you are approaching them in the correct way, there is no need of why you need to pose for a particular problem.
You should try going about studying them in an efficient way and one which is quite painless so that you are in a position of spending more of your time to use them in actual sense and enjoy the language in the process.

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