Rules to follow to master adjectives in French

If you are looking to learn French easily, there are some elements, to begin with. The primary element is the adjective part of speech. As french adjectives sdescribe the nouns, you will use them frequently. It is necessary to know the following rules of using adjectives in French.

Rules to follow to master adjectives in French

• You should keep in mind that you are allowed to put only certain French adjectives before the noun. For all other nouns, the adjective will only follow this word. You should practice opposite to the English language where the adjective will always precede the noun.

• The adjectives describing goodness, age, size, beauty, and any number alone will have the nouns coming after them. So, you should use adjectives of these nouns in the same way as you would do in English.

• It is necessary to consider the gender of the noun before you write the adjective in the sentence. For instance, an English sentence will not contain gender for common words and even the noun’s gender will not affect the adjective. But there will be an impact on the French adjective because of the gender of the noun. If the noun is a masculine word, you can use the adjective as it is. But if the noun is feminine, you should add ‘s’ to the adjective.

• Apart from gender, you should also check the number of the noun. The number means the size of the noun mentioned as either singular or plural. If more elements are making the noun plural, you should add ‘e’ to the end of the adjective. A singular noun need not have anything at the end of its adjective.

• As every sentence will have a noun with particular gender and number, you should use ‘e’ and ‘s’ accordingly.

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