How To Purchase Art Prints

Fine art prints normally are hand-pulled and produced in single numbers called limited editions. The number of copies that are made usually is determined by cost, rarity, the subject of the work, or the owner’s preference. Once the limited edition is sold out, each print (called an impression) is signed and numbered in pencil on the bottom of the art print by the original artist. Limited edition prints can be bought from galleries and exhibitions. They can also be ordered from print shops or on websites.

Prints of fine art prints have generally gained in value over time, with a maximum increase of about ten percent from year two of its release. One reason for this is the rise in the popularity of canvas art posters. As they are very durable and able to withstand years of heavy handling, artists find them a good medium for mass production of paintings. Another reason for the relatively high value of fine art prints is their scarcity, which makes each print highly collectible. The more rare the work, the higher the price.

Unlike paintings, prints cannot be mass produced and are typically made by hand. Most fine art prints come from famous artists such as Picasso, Monet, or Chanel. Some reproductions are made from ancient paintings that have survived because only the best oil paints have been used. Others are reproductions of ancient scenes from Greek, Roman or Biblical history. Reproductions are most commonly sold for schools, churches, and museums.

Prints are typically mounted on fine art supports, framed, or mounted on gallery wrapped canvas. Canvas prints are mounted on museum quality gallery wrapped canvas. They are ideal for large format poster artwork, poster-size reproductions and posters. They are also used for framed art works that are hung on the wall. Art print materials may be mounted on gallery wrapped canvas, boards, panels, books, or sculptures. The printed canvas is commonly coated with varnish.

The limited edition prints offered by some artists are created as limited edition masterpieces. Limited editions are printed only once, while regular editions are printed continuously. Limited editions usually sell out in very quick succession and create a sense of urgency to own a piece. This has been the basis for the success of collectible items such as signed collectible baseball cards and movie passes.

There are various ways to buy fine art prints. Many online galleries offer fine art print options including framed prints, canvas prints, handmade posters and pre-printed panels. Artists also sell prints over the Internet through websites, blogs and auction sites. Artists can also take print orders through some creative companies that create original paintings and fine art prints. Today there is a wealth of opportunities available to acquire fine art prints for decorating home interiors, personal collections and giving gifts.

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