Are Standing Desks Safe?

Is buying a Standing Desk Frame safe? The simple answer to this question is it depends. Well, that also means that there is no definite answer to it. Remember that not everything that works for you will work for your friends as well, and vice versa.

There are multiple reasons different people may want to buy a standing desk. And whether or not it is safe and recommended depends on the reasons you need it. This may be that you just prefer working while on your feet, for health reasons, or from medical recommendations.

They come in a variety of options in different types and from different manufacturers. Whatever you choose and how you use it will depend on your requirements. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of standing desks;

● The first thing you want to do while working on a standing desk is to ensure you are keeping a good posture, just like when you are seated. You want to make sure that your spine is neutral and you are not straining or forcing your lower back, shoulder, or neck, in any way.

● You also want to find your best standing time/ period. Just like sitting for too long is not good for your back, standing too long can also have a negative impact. Professionals recommend standing at most 2 hours while working. You can switch between standing and setting, taking breaks amidst your work, to rest your feet. The last thing you want is to develop feet and joint pains for standing too long.

● You also want to make sure your desk is set at the right height. The best thing is to invest in an electric standing desk as you can always easily adjust the height to your liking. If you go for static desks, make sure they are the right height for you. These cannot be adjusted so you might want to pay extra attention to the height.

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